Highlights of Timothy H. Godfryd’s Experiences

By having a varied experience in the field of Retail and IT related services, Timothy H. Godfryd has pioneered himself to provide technical support and customer centric services. Being associated with the likes Apple and Amazon has allowed him to leverage his key expertise and knowledge with almost utmost perfection.

Tim H. Godfryd served as Apple’s Manager (Feb 2012 – Sept 2016) in the Greater New York Area where he helped to increase sales for the organization due to his marketing abilities and result oriented thinking. At Apple, Tim Godfryd was heavily involved with:

  • Creating a highly collaborative environment with people from different communities and countries.
  • Retaining valuable clients and coaxing newer ones to buy company’s products/services by highlighting the best of features.
  • Inspiring staff to work hard and bringing the best out of them in crunch situations.

Timothy H. Godfryd’s stint with Amazon as an Operational Manager is a firm proof of his managerial abilities for big giants. At Amazon, Tim H. Godfryd’s responsibilities included the following:

  • Managing all logistics from inbound, outbound and quality assurance.
  • Finding areas of improvement in all areas of the business and effectively communicating changes to the entire business while leading change amongst all associates and leaders in the building.
  • Building and maintaining a culture of performance while keeping the customer as the #1 priority amongst all associates in the building and communicating the why behind each process change in the fulfillment center.

Apart from the above professional duties, the qualities that make Tim H. Godfryd stand apart from his peers is his constant ability to stay brimmed with the latest marketing and IT services. Tim is thoroughly well versed with the improvement techniques like the Six Sigma and PDCA and has successfully used them to get more sales for the organization. Tim is an excellent worker, great team player, and a valuable asset for any organization.


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